HP TouchSmart 610z Customizable Desktop PC

Enjoy the best PC touch experience that you’ve always imagined with this PC’s innovative technology that recognizes your fingers even before they touch that screen – introducing the all-new HP Touchsmart 610z Series. Gone are the days when typing over your keyboard is a must to surf the web, watch movies, play songs, and flip through photos stored in your PC. Thanks to TouchSmart 610’s multi-touch screen – now you can pinch, rotate, arc, flick, press, and drag without the need for equally functional computer mouse and keyboard. Not only that, it also allows you to explore a “magic canvas” wherein you can take down notes and organize your digital world. Yes, it’s like an infinite workspace that you never get to experience with your old desktop PC!

Design-wise, it’s absolutely stunning since you can very much do whatever you want to with its display. Want it upright? Go ahead! Or do you want it almost flat? How about tilting it a bit, like 5 degrees forward or 60 degrees back? All these are possible, you can even swivel it around 180 degrees if you want to. It’s really a total clutter-free PC! Put it wherever you want to without any inconvenience – whether at the kitchen counter, in your bedroom, in the living room, or in your home office. And if you don’t want to use its touchscreen display, you can always make use of the included wireless keyboard and mouse.

So, do you want to enjoy these unique PC touch experience and clutter-free design? Actually, there’s a lot more to it since it’s designed as an all-in-one PC. Get the HP TouchSmart 610z Customizable PC here now!

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