HP Goes 3D with the 2311gt Monitor and Second-Gen Wireless TV Connect

A lot of companies have already embraced the 3D world, and HP is not left behind with its TouchSmart 620, the first 3D desktop. But they don’t want to stop there. As a matter of fact, they are pushing this 3D thing as they have recently announced the newest addition to their product line which is the 2311gt monitor, together with a second-gen wireless TV connect box that now streams 3D content. Of course, HP fans look forward to more options, so it’s such a brilliant idea for HP to come up with the 2311gt monitor, and this time with added Wireless TV Connect box, for a more pleasurable viewing experience for their customers.


So, what features to look forward to in the new 2311gt monitor? Well, this 23-inch, 1080p panel mainly uses Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, creating 3D visuals by means of aligning every other row of pixels with the right or left eye. If you weren’t too happy about the Touchsmart 620’s 3D capabilities, then wait until you’ve experienced this passive technology from the 2311gt as it veers away from the brief eyes-on, providing you with a 3D rendering that you’ve never experienced before. Now, combine that with Wireless TV Connect box that now streams 1080p movies in 3D, and home entertainment will sure be at its finest.

So, want to grab this deal? Well, gamers, you can look forward to it this December. Now, if you want the HP Touchsmart, you can purchase it here.

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