Hourglass Desk Clock – A Unique Way to Tell the Time

It’s been months since school has started, how are your little kids doing so far? I bet, they’re very busy with all those school activities and homework. And as parents, of course, you want to be as supportive as possible in every activity and homework that they have. So, what’s their latest science project? Is it a miniature rocket ship or a volcano replica to demonstrate why eruptions occur? Or is it something that has to do with telling the time? If you answer the latter, then you may want to give your kids something that they can use in their science classroom – something like the Hourglass Desk Clock.

Look at the image and in an instant you can tell why it is called as such. Yes, it looks exactly like an hourglass, only that instead of including sand to tell time, it features a red indicator and rotating disc on top instead. The red indicator mainly tells the hours below and the minutes above while the rotating disc on top indicates the seconds. This really makes a cool science project for your little ones because the usual digital clock that easily helps them tell the time while this one is more challenging, providing them a unique way of telling the time in the process.

So grab this one for your kids’ science classroom now. But hey, you can very much give this as gadget gift too. For sure, you’ve got friends who are into unique yet weird stuff – they’ll definitely go ga-ga over the unique design of this hourglass clock.

Buy the Hourglass Desk Clock here.

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