Hitachi Travelstar Z5K500 – The Evolution of Hard Disk Drives

In the battle between hard disk drives and solid state drives, the former isn’t showing signs of backing down as it keeps on the fight to dominate over the storage solutions market especially when Hitachi gave customers another reason to stick to HDDs. The new Travelstar Z5K500 is industry’s first 7 mm z-height 5,400 RPM single platter 500GB hard drive that features thin, rugged and innovative design made for consumer electronics, laptops, netbooks and other compact systems like the new G-Technology G-DRIVE Slim external HDD.

The new Z5K500 is also designed to directly replace standard 9.5 mm, 2.5-inch drives. With its slim profile and high capacities, the Hitachi Travelstar Z5K500 drive offers the best cost per gigabyte and gigabyte per cubic millimeter when compared to solid state drives, and 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch 9.5mm disk drives. It also features the right balance between power and acoustics, the drives feature 1.8 watts read and write power and a measly 0.55 watts when idle, and deliver a nearly perfect quiet operation at 1.9 idle and 2.1 seek bels, which is more silent than most ambient noise in a household.

All Travelstar Z5K500 drives have an 8MB cache and a Serial ATA 3Gb per second interface. They are also equipped with Hitachi’s second generation Advanced Format drive that increases the physical sector size on HDDs from 512 bytes to 4,096 (4K) bytes, in so doing, improves drive capacity and error correction capabilities. Every Hitachi Z-series 7mm drives features standard connectors and mounting points for easier integration into existing and flexibility.

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