Have Fun Recording your Voice and Playing it Reversed

During rainy days or at times when kids can’t go out and play, you need to think of some fun indoor activities that will make their day. It must be something entertaining that you and your family can share together. Thanks to Takara Tomy for inventing a device that will encourage you and your kids to interact and at the same time amuse all of you. That’s the Sakasa Master Japan Voice Recorder. This device doesn’t only offer family bonding value but also entertainment value. Mind you, this is no ordinary voice recorder and you can get addicted to it.

The Sakasa Master is way easy to use. You just have to press the Record Button and say a phrase or some words, and press the Play button. Amazingly, what you have recorded will be played in reverse! Isn’t it fun to know how the words you speak everyday sound like when they get reversed? This is truly perfect for family contests and some plain silliness with your loved ones. You sure will hear your kids having a good laugh. Aside from reversing whatever you say, this gadget can also teach your kiddos how to properly pronounce some words!

True, the silly things you can do using this machine are unlimited! It is also very easy to use and it’s suitable for ages six and up. This voice recorder is offered a budget-friendly price so if there are special occasions coming up, this can make a unique gift for your kids, your friends, and your loved ones! Click here and purchase the Sakasa Master Reverse Voice Recorder now!

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