Harness the Power of the Lumina Titan with Nokero P101 Power Panel

What better way to take advantage of the great Greek-god Helios, who travels high and mighty across the sky on his solar chariot pulled by fiery steeds, than to make him charge your mobile devices, right? Greek mythology aside, the Sun is one mega power plant of energy that’s constantly bombarding the Earth’s surface with about 1000- 1,368 watts per square meter of sunlight! Best of all, it is one of the most readily available sources of energy, well except perhaps in the arctic. The point is that you can and you should make the most out of the sun’s free and clean energy, and do it not just by sunbathing (for that gorgeous tan and heaps of vitamin D) but also by using the new Nokero P101 Power Panel. This gadget is affordable, simple to operate, portable, and pocket-sized solar charger for your phone and other low-voltage mobile electronic devices. It can recharge a standard 600mAh battery in about 3 hours using highly efficient solar charging technologies.

The P101 is a very viable solution to keep your mobile devices juiced-up especially for those distant and off the grid travels and field work. This solar panel and charger is outfitted with advanced solar charging technology that helps deliver more than 30 percent power as compared to other garden variety solar panels. It uses a USB port to transfer converted solar energy to most of today’s popular devices, and it also comes readily available with three mobile phone adaptors for Sony, Nokia, and Samsung. Sadly, the P101 does not currently support the iPhone family and other Smart phones.

Posted are the hardware specifications and some features of the Nokero P101 Power Panel:

• Dimensions: 4.75 in long, 2.9 in wide, 0.4 in thick
• 1 watt (200mAh) (5v)
• Packaged weight: 120g
• Robust frame
• Charges under direct sunlight
• ABS frame and backing

Other Nokero products can be found here.

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