Harman AKG GHS-1 Headset – Noise-Free and Comfy Gaming

It takes a lot of guts to label their headset “Gaming” and AKG by Harman has guts a plenty – and muscles to back it up. The new GHS1 headset is AKG’s latest take on professional gaming gears. It features a high-quality digital sound output and stylish design with a touch of Harman Audio craftsmanship and backed by years of AKG audio technology experience. The GHS-1 is made of a lightweight headband with inner fabric and a 3D-Axis2 folding mechanism; this patented design allows the earcups to fold flat into the headband so that gamers can carry them virtually anywhere. The two supra-aural, closed-back ear cups adds a new dimension of audio experience and comfort especially for long gaming sessions. It comes with passive noise reduction technology that effectively seals the in-game sounds and blocks out external distractions for a noise-free environment. Game gunfire, explosions, sword clashes and footsteps never sound so realistic and accurate with the coming of the GHS-1. The cups also come with a super soft and lightweight ear pads that reduce ear fatigue.

Team games require a clear channel for coordinating their strategy, and the GHS1’s directional cardiod boom microphone might be just the perfect thing for rallying the troops in a crystal clear voice. The mic comes with a background noise filter, an in-line volume control and an on-and off switch strategically located on the device for easy reach. The AKG GHS-1 comes in three color combinations: black and orange, white and green, and camouflage and blue.

More AKG headphones can be found and purchased here.

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