H2O Water Powered Radio– Be Entertained Even When You’re Taking a Shower!

Here’s something geeks like you will drool over – the H2O Power Radio! This radio takes pride in being the world’s first water pressure powered shower radio. In a market jam-packed by shower radios, you really need to make a difference to catch people’s attention. And the Tango Group Limited did just that! It makes the H2O Water Powered Radio stand out by eliminating the use of battery and just rely on the water pressure coming from your water utility company to power the radio.

This water-powered radio comes with an internal water jet system that makes the water extra pressurized. The pressure makes the integrated wheel/turbine turn around to produce energy. With this principle, you no longer have to worry about having empty batteries! This device is also way easy to install. You can mount it directly on top of the faucet and as you turn your faucet on, the radio will be powered by the free energy coming from the water pressure.

What’s best is, the extra energy that will be created is stored in the gadget’s internal battery and you can use that stored energy when the shower or faucet isn’t running. That means you’ll not only get your daily dose of the day’s news or your favorite tunes while taking a shower. Even when you’re just brushing your teeth, the radio can still run using the power it has stored. Amazing, isn’t it? So continue to enjoy the pleasure your radio can give even you’re in the shower without using batteries! Visit Amazon and purchase the H2O Shower-Powered Radio now.

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