GTrek II GPS Data Recorder

GPS tracking is getting more and more popular these days and there are numerous reasons for such popularity. You can use this whether it’s on a smartphone or in other devices to track our exact location at a given time and where we are heading to. However, there are also times when we want to keep tabs on where we’ve been, right? This is where the importance of GTrek II GPS Data Recorder comes in. This device is extremely important especially for runners and cyclists who need to monitor the distance and time they’ve travel.

The GTrek II is capable of logging even long journeys so with this, you can not just share your interesting trips with friends but also show them the way to some points of interest. You can also use it to just log your daily travels. If this device doesn’t seem necessary, you can easily switch it off. When you’re once again getting ready for a trip, just switch it to “Log” mode and it will start recording data. The battery of the GTrek II will last for like 25 hours. The best thing about this device is, it doesn’t broadcast any signal so it’s safe for use even on aircrafts.

The moment you arrive home, all you need is to plug it into your PC and you can upload your journey data. The GTrek II automatically displays the places you’ve been via Google Maps or Google Earth. It also delivers a precise readout of the distance you’ve covered, plus speeds and altitudes. Click here and purchase the GTrek II GPS Data Recorder today!

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