Groegg Color Changing Thermometer – Lets Your Baby Sleep in Safety

Geeklings, especially newborns, need a lot of sleep. They need it to develop their limbs and muscles, as well as their skeletal structure. Sleeping is also their body’s way to regenerate cells and energize their brain. Yes, it is of great help for the development of your geekling’s health, mind, and body. Because of this, you are responsible for providing your baby with a safe sleeping environment. Unlike grownups, our babies can’t just roll over and change their positions whenever they feel uncomfortable. They also can’t grab a blanket nor wear their socks when it’s cold. So what should a GeekMom and a GeekDad like you do to make your baby sleep in comfort?

The best thing you can do is to keep the temperature in your baby’s room ideal for his or her comfort and safety. And good news, you can achieve that without going out of style! All you need is a Groegg color changing digital room thermometer. This component will sure help you make a safe sleeping environment for your baby in an instant. It glows yellow if the room is within the recommended temperature range. As soon as the temperature goes down or rises, the color of this device will change to alert you so you can immediately do what’s necessary. What’s good, the Groegg color changing digital room thermometer also doubles as a cute nightlight in your baby’s room!

Among the key features of this device are:

• Simple to use room thermometer that changes color
• Keep baby’s room between 61-67F to lower risk of SIDS
• Digital room thermometer with permanent back-lit LCD readout
• Provides a soft nightlight glow
• Power adapter, instructions, and safe sleep guide included
• Dimensions: 4″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″

So if you have a baby, make his or her sleeping experience always pleasant. Don’t think twice, purchase a Gro-Egg Color Changing Digital Room Thermometer, White now!

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