Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad – Keeps You Always Connected

If you are no longer smoking, then chances are your car’s cigarette lighter is of no use anymore. But why leave it unused if you can very much use it to charge your cool gadgets such as you iPad, iPhone, and iPod. In fact, all devices that are USB-compatible can take advantage of this neglected socket, as long as you have the Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad.

It’s really frustrating when your gadget suddenly dies on you while in the middle of a long road trip. You can’t just stop and charge because that would certainly cause delay. So you have no choice but to wait until you arrive at your destination and plug your device to bring it back to life. But why wait if Griffin Powerjol Micro for iPad can keep you always connected? It converts your car’s cigarette lighter into a handy USB port, allowing you to charge your gadgets without the wait. And since it delivers 10 watts of fast charging, you can use your gadget again in no time.

Carrying this gadget accessory is not a problem either. It boasts a super compact form factor, so wherever you travel, you can simply slip it in your pocket and you’re good to go. It also features a SmartFuse circuit breaker, so that only means you don’t have to replace any fuse to use it.

So don’t let your gadgets run out of battery when you are in the middle of a long road trip. Get the Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad now!

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