Grant Your Devices with a Perfect Backup with the New i.Sound Portable Power Max Backup Battery

No matter how gorgeous your gadget is, it will surely lose its awesome appeal when the battery gets drained since you cannot use it. It’s frustrating when you cannot play and hear music on your iPod when the day becomes dull, you feel disconnected to your family and friends when your iPhone or iPad is turned off, or you become annoyed when you still want to beat your opponent in a PSP game but just can’t go on simply because of a dead battery. To save yourself (and your gadget) from these cases, you might consider getting your very own i.Sound Portable Power Max.

This device mainly functions as a backup battery for a lot of portable gadgets you usually bring including iPad, iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4 (AT&T), iPod 5G (30GB), iPod Classic (80/120/160GB), iPod Nano (2G/3G/4G), iPod Shuffle 1G/2G, iPod Touch 1G/2G, and a lot more that uses mini or micro USB cables. The i.Sound Portable Power Max can charge 5 USB powered devices at the same time. No need to bring separate cables for such devices since the i.Sound battery pack already comes with mini/micro USB cable and 100 / 240V AC adapter.

It carries a 16000 mAh battery that can store up to 480 hours of power. There is also a power button plus LED indicator that displays the charging status so you will know the amount of charge power remaining. The device is easy to use in the dark because of the built-in flashlight. In case you need this nifty device, get it here.

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