GoPad Atari Asteroids – Your Portable Game Pad

For PC gamers who prefer using a decent set of action buttons and a four-way digital cross direction controller, rather than mashing their keyboard to play something like the classic Atari Asteroids, there’s the new GoPad. It’s not like keyboards don’t get the game going, but you just can’t mash them like turbo D-pads – even Harold “Coop” Cooplowski, the heroic pilot of MEGAS XLR, uses a joypad not a keyboard, mouse or nun-chucks. Back to the GoPad, it’s a pocket-sized folding gamepad unit that can easily turn to a fully functional USB game controller. After unfolding the tiny clamshell design and hearing a pleasant click – this gadget will reveal its two-axis directional-pad with four action buttons, four shoulder buttons, and turbo on and off buttons.

The device measures about 5 cm (H) x 4.3 cm (W) x 2 cm (D) when closed and 5 cm (H) x 9.8 cm (W) x 1 cm (D) when flipped open. It’s perfect for PC or laptop games requiring the comfort, familiarity and convenience of a portable joypad. As an added bonus, this gaming gadget also comes with an installer for Asteroids, an 80’s Atari classic arcade game. GoPad supports both PC and MAC but the bundled Asteroids game works only for Windows. Asteroids should run on any Wndows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 machine with 133 MHz Pentium processor or faster, 16 MB of RAM, 50 MB free hard disk space and Windows compatible sound card.

Package includes the GoPad Game Controller, a PC Game CD-ROM, and an 82.5 cm retractable USB cable. Get one here!

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