Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack – Don’t Leave Without It

The Ghostbusters movies have long been out of our minds, but they did bring us a fun movie experience once. Now if you don’t seem to get over them and you feel you want to be just like one of those Ghostbusters (played by Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and the rest), then you better not leave without this Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack.

As its name suggests, this Proton Pack Backpack allows you to carry all ghost-fighting accessories that you need, that is if you happen to have one. Yes, although it is a replica of the Proton Pack used by professionals, it does not actually fight ghosts. All it does is hold your stuff and gear, nothing more, nothing less.

But unlike the typical backpack, this one actually includes a Neutrona Wand that can be removed from the main pack. It is secured mainly by 2 snapped loops and is attached simply using a nylon cord that is 36 inches long. Plus, it also features three roomy pockets, so you have plenty of room for your stuff – one in the main pack section, one behind the cyclotron, and another in the Neutrona Wand. Now, if you’re going to use this for a ghost hunting trip, it won’t be uncomfortable to wear even if used for a long period because it is designed with padded and adjustable straps.

So are you ready to catch that first ghost? Just kidding! But wearing this will really make you feel as if you’re wearing a real Proton Pack. So don’t leave without it, okay?

Go and get the Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack now!

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