Get A Better Night Sleep with Zeo Sleep Coach

If you’re desperate enough to look for a gadget to help you sleep then you probably really need the new Zeo Sleep Coach. This device can record and analyze your sleep pattern to help you improve your sleep routine and reduce your rude awakenings. To start your sleep coaching session, simple wear the comfortable headband around your head before dozing off. The headband’s built in sensor will then monitor the quality, quantity, and depth of your sleep by taking note of the minute electrical signals from your brain. The gathered information is wirelessly relayed to the stylish display unit which displays the amount of light, heavy, and deep REM sleep you experience every night. The bedside display will also show you how much time have you been awake and how long it took for your to fall asleep while wearing the device.

To get the most out of your sleep, Zeo Sleep Coach incorporated their proprietary Smart Wake alarm clock that will wake you up on your supposed to be natural waking time, a nifty feature if you want that much desired good night’s rest and fresh mornings. All the information collected by the Sleep Coach can be transferred to a computer using the included SD card and then published on Zeo Personal Coaching website to receive your personal sleep score with tips and programs. This will help you get your perfect slumber.

Like any other sleep-related devices out there, the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach has no therapeutic claims nor is it made to diagnose sleeping disorders.

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