Geocaching Combo Pack – Experience More Spring Fun

So, what’s your idea of Spring fun? Go hiking? Picnic? Or camping? Whatever it is, it will sure be a lot of fun especially when done with friends and family. But why not do something a little different this year? Yes, hiking, picnic, or camping is fun! But you will experience more Spring fun if you embark on your first geocaching adventure with this Geocaching Combo Pack.

If you know what treasure hunt is, well this combo pack will offer you basically the same thing, only in a high-tech GPS-based manner. But first, you have to note that there are lots of “geocaches” hidden all over the US. In fact, they are everywhere – under park benches, inside logs, behind the bushes, and many more. So what you’d do is find all these “geocaches” – they are like containers that come in different sizes and contain a log book and trinkets that you can trade stashed inside.

Now, are you ready? Start by having the Apisphere Geomate.Jr Combo Pack which includes the following: Geomate.jr geocaching GPS, Update Kit, batteries, a Geomate.jr Travel Tag, batteries, lanyard, and product Quick Start Guides. This comes preloaded with 250,000 “geocaches” hidden across all 50 states – simply switch the GPS on and you will be directed to your closest “geocache”. Once you found it, just hit the Next button so you’re off to the next closest “geocache”.

So, can you already imagine the Spring fun you and your friends or family will experience with this geocaching adventure? Why wait? Purchase the Geomate.Jr Geocaching Combo Pack now!

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