Genius Ring Mouse – The Wireless Thumb Cursor Controller

The computer mouse has evolved over the years. We actually started with the mechanical type of computer mouse, the one with a rubber ball that rolls when the mouse is moved? And then, there came the optical type, which was far more convenient because instead of a rubber balls, it uses an LED sensor to detect tabletop movement. Now, we got the wireless mouse, taking scrolling and navigating the screen to the higher level. But that the options do not end there. In fact, today here at Geekie, we will introduce to you a whole new way of navigating your computer screen. Introducing the Genius Ring Mouse!

Designed as a wireless thumb cursor controller, this Ring Mouse takes the inconvenience of being tied to a desk when using a computer mouse. The main difference of this innovative mouse is that it permits you to lean back and enjoy its total controlling capability for browsing the net, accessing your files, or doing presentations. No need to hurt your back or your entire hand when using that computer mouse for extended period. With this Genius Ring Mouse, you get to have total control over six difference applications, less the hassle since all you need to do is move your thumb tip to use this geek gadget. Cool, isn’t it? Plus, it features a touch control technology that enables a 1000 dpi movement sensitivity.

So why settle with your old computer mouse if you can get a better replacement? Get yourself a Genius Ring Mouse here.

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Genius Ring Mouse 2.4 GHz All-In-One Remote controller
Genius Ring Mouse 2.4 GHz All-...

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