Geekie Gadget’s Top 5 Health Gadgets

Spring is a time of activities, movement, and adventures. Are you ready for the fun that all these bring? Be sure that you are in prime health, capable of enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer. Below are some health gadgets designed to keep you at the peak of your health.

Nike+ Sport Watch GPS

This watch is a perfect running buddy every time you run outdoors with or without a companion. The GPS watch is primarily designed to be a motivational gadget for all runners. All you have to do is wear it and run – it will automatically record your location and it will also show you such information as the distance you have run and the time you have covered. Added to these, it has exciting features such as run challenges, reminders, and it’s complete even with audible sounds. All these features are easily accessible with the watch’s clear user interface. And while it’s so advanced, the gadget is very easy to use – perfect for both professionals and non-professionals.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

You can start to be healthy even in your sleeping hours. How? With the help of the Zeo sleep coach! This is a combination of a device and a program that is aimed at analyzing your sleep. The package comes with a lightweight wireless headband that you simply wear when you sleep and a device that records the data in an easy-to-understand manner. The device is designed to measure your ZQ, the quality and quantity of your sleep. By tracking your sleep, you can determine your sleep pattern and improve on it. The said device is supported by useful online tools, and you also have the option to enroll in a program that will help you in the process – because good health starts with a good sleep.

Smartfish Technologies K2418B ErgoMotion Keyboard

Health in the workplace? That’s possible! One innovative and unique work gadget that you may want to try is the ErgoMotion keyboard. Designed to eliminate the risks posed by constant typing in one single wrist and hand position for a long time, this keyboard comes with an intelligent monitoring system that can track the frequency by which you type. With that data, the keyboard shifts its position discreetly to keep your hand from being in a single position for a long time. By doing this, the keyboard prevents risks such as carpal tunnel syndrome. It helps without presenting any intervention in your work.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Hypertension is a health condition that’s been seeing growth in the past few years. At this point, it’s very crucial for people suffering from this condition to constantly monitor their blood pressure in order to address the condition successfully and keep it from getting more serious. All you have to do to use this device is to wrap it around your arms, around 2 cm above the elbow, connect the device to your iOS device (it’s compatible with all iOS devices), relax, and inflate and deflate the armband. Upon connection to your iOS device, the blood pressure monitor is automatically recognized. It’s very easy to use anywhere you are.

BodyMedia FIT Armband BW Weight Management System

Another device that you can use to start your way to being healthy is the activity manager armband. This device can help you track the calories that you burn in all your activities, whether you’re seriously doing an exercise or simply performing a household chore. Aside from calories burned, other data that this can measure are the steps you’ve taken and the time you spent in doing the activity. Finally, it also has a sleep duration tracking feature. With all these information in your hand, you can begin taking steps to being healthy.

So, ready to keep yourself fit and healthy? All these mentioned gadgets can help you!

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