Geekie Gadgets’ Top 5 Gifts for Techie Daddies

Yesterday, we featured some gift suggestions for Father’s Day, suggestions that are geared toward fathers who love the outdoors. Today, we have a new set of suggestions for you, this time for daddies who are techie. So if you have a geekie dad who loves his gadgets, then this list will help you find the perfect gift.

Camera Lens Cup

Got a dad who’s a photography buff? We’ve got a unique gift idea for you – this camera lens cup. It’s a coffee cup made from a Canon EF 24-105mm lens, equipped with a stainless steel exterior that’s perfect as a coffee container while on the go. It has a lens cap lid that guarantees zero spills and ideal use even when on the move. It also has the complete features of a lens such as the dials, making it a unique gift.

Tentfinder Light

Now if you have a dad who loves camping, get him something techie yet outdoorsy – get him this tentfinder light! The idea behind this device is simple. It comes with a light that you just have to attach to the tent. The said light comes with three center LED lights and 20 LED lights positioned on the outer edge of the device. Hooking this to the tent is easy because it has a magnetic back that makes attachment to any metal material easy. Together with this device is a remote that you can use to illuminate the light – and it works up to 50 meters. So, if your dad can’t find his tent at night, all he needs to do is to press on the remote for the light to illuminate – that simple!

Pretec Bulletproof 8GB USB Flash Drive

Working dad? Give him this Pretec Bulletproof 8GB USB Flash Drive! A rugged USB storage device, this gadget can store from 1GB to 32GB worth of data. But, aside from its capacity, there are three other things that make this very distinctive. One is its look. It’s got a unique, bullet-like construction with a shine that makes it look very cool. Two is its durability. It’s resistant to different forms of damaging elements – water, impacts, fire, and yes, even bullets. So, whatever happens, you know your stored data is safe. And three is its advanced construction. It is equipped with a special software, the Mobile Locak and Security Zip. It also supports slideshow, way better than many other ordinary flash drives.

Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flashlight

If you have a DIYer or a mechanically oriented dad, one of the ideal gifts would be this Gorilla Torch Blade. It’s a flashlight equipped with a tripod-like stand, perfect for illuminating areas without the need to hold the light. So, you have your hands free to do all the necessary work – easy and convenient! Plus, it features a 130-lumen CREE® XLamp® XP-C LED that guarantees full and bright illumination in all conditions. All it needs to work is its Lithium-ion battery, and nothing more. Adjusting and aiming the device is easy, thanks to its 360° pan 180° tilt. The legs are also bendable and the feet are magnetic, so it’s even more convenient to use. Plus, it’s very durable! So, what more can you ask for?

Tjiller Beer Chiller

Who doesn’t love his beer? Give your dad something that will keep his beer cold even as he parties under the heat of the sun. Give him Tjiller!  All that this chiller needs is to be inside the freezer overnight and then just place your beer bottle on it afterwards to keep it cold. There’s really no secret to this chiller. The material responsible for its cooling capability is the special gel incorporated in it, its polystyrene shell, and its aluminum membrane. The ability of this chiller to maintain cold is up to 5 hours. It’s a nifty innovation that your dad will surely enjoy.

Love these suggestions? You father will do, too! Get any of these now for Fathers’ Day!

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