Geekie Gadgets’ Top 5 Gifts for Outdoor Daddies

Father’s day is almost here – are you ready for the occasion? Have you found the perfect gifts to give your dad or your friends who are already fathers? Your gifts should depend on the recipient. And if you have a father or a friend who loves the outdoors, we have some techie gift suggestions for you. Read on!

iBike Pro Power Meter Wireless Cadence, Speed, HR

Serious cyclist? Your dad or friend will surely love the iBike Generation III! This device is designed to measure and tell you accurate measurements of the data that you need to know as you do your training. The device boasts of accurate data, coupled with its ease of installation feature. This device can store two rider profiles. It is also tough and durable, resistant to elements such as water. And because it’s light, it won’t have any effect on your performance once mounted.

SkyCaddie SGX GPS Range Finder Bundle

If golf is your father’s thing, then the SkyCaddie SDX is the perfect gift. This golf GPS provides real-time information pertaining to the distance of a wide range of golf courses around the globe. It is pre-loaded with up to 30,000 golf maps, maps depicting golf courses that have been measured and surveyed using advanced equipment. The complete information in this device makes it ideal for use by amateur golf players. It’s compact and easy to use, and it also boasts of an intuitive user interface – just the perfect golf gadget!

iGrill Grilling/Cooking Thermometer

Now that summer’s almost here, it’s time for barbecue parties and outdoor picnics once again. And this only means one thing – delicious cooking! There’s another new cooking innovation that you can get for your dad: the iGrill grilling or cooking thermometer. Powered by 4 AA batteries, this device is designed to help you multitask while you cook, with no need to waste your time. Just connect it with your iPhone or iPod, and it will send in signals to your device when you cook, telling you when your food is ready depending on the recipe you’re cooking. So, you can do a lot more stuff without worrying that the food will be overcooked. And, because of its wide Bluetooth coverage (200 ft), you know you will receive your needed signal wherever in your home you are.

Eton NSP500B Soulra XL Sound System for iPod and iPhone

Outdoor party? This solar-powered sound system is the answer! It comes with a 72 square inch solar panel for charging, and a full charge only takes 5 hours of exposure to direct sunlight. Full charge can give you up to 8 hours of playback, done conveniently with the docking feature of the device for all iPod and iPhone devices. This component is very easy to carry around with its built-in handle and the carrying strap that comes with it. It also comes with remote control storage, so you can trust that it would be secured no matter where you bring it.

Sennheiser HD 558 Audiophile Headphones with an Internal Surround Reflector

While you have an open sound system above, another option for music lover dads would be the Sennheiser audiophile headphones. They come with the E.A.R. technology, which channels audio signals directly into your ears. And the result? Rich audio whether you’re listening to music or enjoying your home’s entertainment system. While being very efficient, this headphone is also fun to use. It’s very convenient with its velour ear pads and headband cushion. Fun and functional – what else could be better?

If you haven’t found the right gift for Father’s Day just yet, then consider any of the suggestions that we have here – all of these are guaranteed to make your father or friend happy.

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