Geekie Gadgets’ Top 5 Gadgets to Make You In this 2011

2010 has come and gone. And as geeks like us celebrate the coming of 2011, we welcome the new technological gadgets that will make our life more colorful and interesting this year. From the talked about second generation iPad to new digital cameras and tablets, we’re indeed in a new era. Let’s take a look at the gadgets that will make you in this 2011:

BlackBerry PlayBook

This newest tablet is designed to meet your everyday needs – whether it’s your work requirements or your entertainment demands. From its outside appearance, the PlayBook is a neat and professional-looking device with a minimalist design. There are very few, and almost unnoticeable, physical controls. The PlayBook is powered by QNX, an advanced real-time operating system. It’s very fast and it gives a whole new meaning to the word “multi-tasking”. Access to the web is also fun with its Adobe flash and HTML 5 support. Add in excellent video and audio quality, plus its sleek style, and you get a whole lot more. The PlayBook is still in its development stage. It’s something we can all look forward to.

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD

3D is becoming all the hype these days, and Fujifilm has just introduced a camera that’s into this trend: the FinePix! This device will allow you to shoot 3D photos and movies with its 3D Auto feature. The result is a more natural, more life-like image. When it comes to movies, you’re even given the option to shoot with sound. And in case you like to shoot in a natural 2D set-up, that’s not a problem as well. Viewing all your taken photos and movies is fun with the device’s 3D monitor, allowing you to enjoy the 3D images without the eye wear. And if you want the best, you can edit your photos or print them with Fujifilm’s 3D printing system and the MyFinePix studio software included.

Samsung 9000 Series Smart TV

Moving on with the 3D trend, Samsung has introduced a 3D TV that will bring a whole new life to your TV-watching experience. The device boasts of a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio feature that keeps details sharp. And to provide you with deep and rich colors, it has an Ultra Clear Panel feature that does away with reflections. If you want access to the internet, there are also different Samsung Apps that you can access right from your TV – from Netflix to Twitter. Plus, you can enjoy content in your TV from any of your digital devices with AllShare. All these, and more, you can do with Smart TV.

Nintendo 3DS

And if you think 3D TVs and 3D cameras are all there is today, you’re wrong! There’s still Nintendo 3DS, a portable game console that will allow you to play games with 3D effects, and enjoy it without the need for special eye wear. It employs the so-called parallax-based technology, and you control the 3D level on the screen with a slider. It also has a 3D camera for added fun, and a Wi-Fi to keep the games updated.

Apple iPad 2

Rumors are still circulating about the iPad 2, and there are different speculations coming out about its specifications. For one, it’s said to be smaller than the original iPad, catching up with the 7-inch gadgets rivaling it. Some are also saying that it’s got a faster processor and more memories to boot. As to its body, some are speculating that it will be like the MacBook in that it will also have a unibody construction. And what’s more appealing is the news that it will carry the Retina Display found in the iPhone 4. Right now, all these are still speculations – Apple is getting very secretive about the pertinent details. But one thing’s for sure: the iPad 2 is one of the gadgets worth waiting for this 2011.

So, excited about these gadgets? We are! Check them out during their release and enjoy a whole new level of geekie fun!

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