Geekie Gadgets’ Top 5 Gadgets for New Parents

This time and age is seeing a preoccupation with new technological devices designed to make life easier by helping people do things at a faster and at a more efficient rate. And, out of the different groups of people, among those that need the real benefits of these new gadgets are new parents – what with the various demands of the home and the usual need to balance work and home life. Today, we at Geekie Gadgets feature some of the newest gadgets that will surely make new moms and dads happy.

Beaba Feeding Bottle Warmer

One of the first things new parents need to learn is to make the right milk formula for baby – right milk-sugar ratio, as well as right temperature. This bottle warmer will help speed things up. It can heat baby’s milk in less than 2 minutes, and it guarantees to provide the right heat at a very safe level. It’s very easy to use and will make milk preparations less tasking and more fun.

Safety Bath Time Audible Thermometer and Alarm

Next to preparing milk for your baby, you also need to give baby a bath. And, similar to milk, this also demands the right temperature if you are to maintain the safety, wellbeing, and comfort of your little angel. Now, achieving the right temp is already easy with this device. All you have to do is to activate and place it in the bathwater so that it can measure the temperature of the water. If the water is too hot or too cold, the device will beep. That easy!

Why Cry Baby Analyzer

Babies cry, and that’s normal. But, what’s frustrating is a baby continuously crying no matter what kind of pacifying you do. You feed him milk, you carry him, you check his diapers, and still the baby cries. Don’t you wish you can read your baby’s mind to know how to address the reason for his crying? Well, this device can help you! It can detect the reason behind the crying of your baby, so you will know just what to do. Just power it up with four AA batteries and then place it 1 to 6 feet from your baby and voila – no need to play fortuneteller to determine the reason behind the wailing of your child.

Silent Light Phone Ring Sensor

Well now we all know, one reason a baby cries is that he is disturbed from his sleep. And with your mobile phone just lying around somewhere, all it will take is just one ring to wake your baby up from his napping – and to start a series of wails. Well, not anymore! Just get this device and connect it to your phone so that you can already turn off your ring tone yet still know when someone’s calling – it will flash a blue light to inform you. So, no more noise to wake baby up!

DECT Digital Baby Monitor

Multitasking is the new trend, but that seems impossible with a baby in the house who needs constant monitoring 24 hours everyday. But, the introduction of this device will already make that possible. Now, you can be away from your baby up to 900 feet without having to worry – this device will help you monitor and hear your baby from his room even if you’re in the kitchen doing something else. With this new gadget, peace of mind is guaranteed.

So, who says parenting is difficult? With these devices available, it can also be fun!

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