Geekie Gadgets’ Top 5 Camping Gadgets

Now that summer’s here, we’re sure many of you are already cooking up some plans to spend the coming days under the sun! Well, a lot of you out there surely want to get the most out of the outdoors, and among the most appealing activities would be camping. But, before you embark on any camping adventure, you might want to consider getting one or two of the gadgets that we feature today – all designed to keep your camping experience even better!

Garmin Montana 650t Waterproof Hiking GPS with TOPO U.S. 100K and 5 Megapixel Camera

This device is the all-in-one camping companion that you’ll ever need. It packs a lot of features that make it the best outdoor buddy. For one, it’s got complete maps to help you navigate the outdoors. It also features a 3-axis tilt-compensated compass, as well as a barometric altometer. Add in its 5MP camera and you have a nifty device with you. It’s also very tough and durable, and it can withstand great pressure and strain.

Smartphone Satellite Communicator – Spot Connect

Another great camping partner that you might want to consider is this device, a real life-saver during times when your smartphone loses signal. It’s designed to come to the rescue during crucial situations, and it’s got features that will keep you safe wherever you camp. With this device, you can send your location to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center, send your location to friends, and remain connected to your social network even if you’re in a location outside of the coverage area. It’s also very easy to use by simply pairing your phone with this, and then you’re instantly connected!

Eton ARCPT200W American Red Cross Rover Self-Powered Weather Radio with Flashlight and USB Cell Phone Charger

Now this device is a 3-in-one gadget that is very functional. First, it’s an AM/FM radio that will keep you updated on the world outside the camp, as well as keep you entertained with the FM music. It covers seven channels, so you’ve got lots of options. Second, it comes with a flashlight with three LED lights for the ultimate in brightness. And third, it also comes with a mobile phone charger. Truly functional, truly unique.

Adventurer Opti Advance Outdoor Water Purification

Activities like camping calls for a cowboy attitude, but that doesn’t mean you should be reckless when it comes to the food and water that you take. Protect your health with the Adventurer Opti, a water purifier and a flashlight in one. The device can purify even water of very low temperature, and it’s also ideal for lighting your way as you walk in the camp ground in the dark.

Darwin BBQ

To begin with, it’s triangular in shape. W

eird, maybe, but it’s this shape that makes it easy to haul wherever you’re having fun. The combination of its portability and the way it’s designed to turn into a carrying case makes it the perfect device for grilling when camping. It can accommodate 3-4 burgers, and it’s very easy to clean – the ash pan can be removed for cleaning ease. And lastly, it’s very tough and is perfect for camping environments.

LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern & Water Botlle

Like all the other mentioned gadgets, this is also a multifunctional device – a water bottle, a waterproof container, plus a renewable lantern. Only, it has an environment-friendly feature because it’s solar powered. It can hold up to a liter of water, and its opening is wider for easier drinking. It comes with four white LEDs and one red LED that make it best for use in dark environments. Unique, huh?

Ready for camping now? Check out these gadgets to take with you!

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