Geekie Gadget’s Top 5 Gadgets to Help Conserve Electricity

Earth Hour is just around the corner, folks! On March 26 this year, we’ll observe a full “lights off” hour to be one with the world in the call to fight climate change and to protect our planet. Wouldn’t you want to bring and apply the spirit of Earth Hour in your everyday life? No, we’re not saying that you don’t use your electronic appliances. Other than simple practices to help our planet, you can go one step further by efficiently managing your home’s energy consumption. The gadgets that we feature below can help you:

Energy Hub Home Base

Energy saving starts with awareness, and that’s what the Home Base is all about. This will help you track your daily energy use through a smart meter, calculate your projected energy consumption and cost, and even show you which of your home appliances consume the most power. And to help you speed up on energy saving, it gives you the option to add a wireless thermostat that will regulate the operation of heating and cooling systems in your home. With this smart meter, you’re on your way to extending Earth Hour beyond the hour.

Belkin Conserve Insight F7C005q Energy-Use Monitor

If you want to take things a little more specific, you can use this monitor to track power consumption of the individual appliances in your home. Just plug the appliance in the monitor and use it as you would regularly. After a week, you can check not just the energy consumed by the device but as well as the carbon dioxide that it produces while it operates and the cost of its operation. You can do a gadget-by-gadget or a week-by-week comparison to check and determine how best to save on your energy use.

IDAPT Charger

This charger is not only eco-friendly; it’s also convenient and cost-saving. IDAPT is a multi-charger, meaning it can charge up to four mobile devices simultaneously – thanks to its interchangeable tips. Whether it’s your mobile phone, PSP, camera, or any other gadget, you can expect this device to power up all of them. By doing so, it does not only save you on time but also on cost – there’s no need to buy individual chargers for all your devices. And of course, there’s less clutter in your home. And, IDAPT charger also has an auto-off function, which shuts it down when your devices are already fully charged or when you’re done charging.

Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector

Do you know that the small cracks and holes on the ceiling and walls of your home can leak and waste money? That’s correct! Your home’s cooling and heating systems are among your home’s biggest power users, so you need to be sure that the money you spend on these systems will not be wasted. How? Try a thermal leak detector! This device can detect areas on your walls and ceilings with leaks by detecting changes in temperature. It’s easy to see the changes through the changing color of the LED light in the device. Using this detector is the first step to saving the heating and cooling in your home, and saving your money.

Eco Button

Power savings in the office? That’s possible with the Eco button! Designed for those times when you have to leave your PC for a long time while it’s on (i.e. when you go to lunch), this device will ensure that you don’t waste a lot of energy on nothing. Just plug it into a USB port in your PC and tap it every time you leave your PC, and then expect it to minimize the power consumption of your computer. When you return and reactivate your PC, you’ll be able to see how much carbon unit and money you’ve saved. Nifty and neat, this small device is one way to bring your environmental advocacy to work.

Whether at home or in your office, you can do something to manage your energy consumption with the help of the gadgets mentioned above.

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