Geekie Gadget’s Top 5 Feng Shui Gadgets

Are you a Feng Shui believer? If you are, then New Year is the best time to put your Feng Shui knowledge at work. With another year coming to a new beginning, you can also have a new start, attracting positive energy and luck for 2011. And, because the first month of the year isn’t over yet, you can still do some organizing and some Feng Shui arrangements to bring in luck and prosperity to your life. All you need is the addition of some Feng Shui objects. And, you can get geekie too when it comes to this. Ready? Here are some samples:

Solar-Powered Fountains

Water is a great element of Feng Shui. It attracts positive energy, known as qi, so Feng Shui experts advise the incorporation of water in a home. And, a fountain is one of the most popular additions. And if you choose a solar-powered fountain like the Kyoto Solar Cascading Fountain Kit, you get not just positive energy but as well as more money. How? Well, you’ll get more savings on electricity because a solar-powered fountain need not take its energy from your electrical outlet. As long as there are sunrays, the fountain will operate well. So, it’s one of the first that you should get.

USB Fishquarium

And while you have a solar-powered fountain at home, why don’t you try an aquarium in your office? With the USB Fishquarium, you’ll get just that – and more! This portable aquarium can accommodate real fishes, and it can also accommodate your pens and other office stuff. Now how is that? Well, built into the aquarium is a pencil holder that’s big enough to accommodate more than just pencils and pens. It is also built with a display that will show you the time, date, and the temperature. Plus, the aquarium can emit sounds of nature, so you won’t feel all the stress of work. You will not only attract positive energy with this aquarium, you’ll also get a real functional device – plus new pets!

Solar-Powered Wind Chimes

Now that we’re done with water, let’s move on to air. Energy flows in the air, and it must be directed the right way so that you’ll attract such things as wealth and good health. The sound created by wind chimes can channel energy in positive ways, so adding wind chimes in your home can help you attract luck. One geekie wind chime to try would be the Color Changing Solar Powered Wind Chime Copper Finish. This chime is unique in that it comes with a glass sphere at the center, and the sphere has a light that illuminates in different colors and creates exciting patterns. And what’s more, it’s solar-powered! It has four solar panels that power it. Plus, the five aluminum chimes can produce tones that will surely direct luck inside your home.


Feng Shui candles are very powerful tools if you want to create some positive changes in your life. And if they’re scented, so much the better. These candles come in different colors, each color corresponding to a certain aspect of your life, such as relationship, money, and career. Other than that, these candles are used to create a good ambiance. After all, luck approaches a calm and happy being. Now, introducing the mooncandles, modern candles that are made from real wax but are illuminated using battery and bulb. These candles are remote-controlled, so you can lit them up from afar. Some are even color-changing, while others are scented. Want a try?

Electronic Feng Shui Compass

There are different Feng Shui objects. But, for them to work on your side, you need to place them in the right direction. You need to find an area in your home that is favorable. But, that presents a problem among individuals with a poor sense of direction (“Now if I can only find which is the south-west corner of my home.”). Well, there’s an answer now – the electronic Feng Shui compass. This compass will help you find the best area in your home with the help of electromagnetic field. With its help, you can tweak your environment easily to make it favorable to your goals.

It’s never too late to attract luck. So if you still haven’t decided which Feng Shui object to get for your home, the choices above can help you.

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