Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch – Make It Your Next Workout Buddy

Yes I know, we’re already counting the days before the year 2011 is over, but it’s not yet too late for one to start his or her fitness goal for this year. So if you’ve been postponing that weight loss goal for months now, it’s time you make that move and start losing the pounds. But you certainly need a sort of motivation, something like a picture of yourself when you were still slim, fab, and sexy. Or how about this – the Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch to help you keep track of your progress day in and day out? Not a bad idea, right? So, why don’t you read on about this health and fitness gadget.

The FR70 is a sleek fitness watch slash workout tool that allows users to track their time, heart rate, and calories burned. If your old exercise regime is dependent mainly on gym equipment before because you are after this tracking feature, now you don’t have to. Even if you go jogging outside your home or simply biking or walking along the neighborhood, you can keep track of all those things mentioned above so you’ll know if you’re making any progress or not. Now, if you want to track pace and speed as well, then you better combine this watch with one of Garmin’s powerful accessories. Or better yet, since it features wireless ANT+ technology, connect it to other ANT+ compatible devices, like the included heart rate monitor, optional foot pod, speed and cadence sensor or even ANT+ compatible fitness equipment like treadmills, spin bikes, elliptical trainers and more.

So, are you excited to try this new gadget? Make the Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch your next workout buddy by getting one here.

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