GammaTech S15C Rugged Notebook – Built Tough, Built for You

Do you know that 18% of notebook computers are likely to get damaged and returned for repair during the 1st year of ownership? And from this study, it said that over 60% of these netbook computers would need repair due to damage caused by accidental drop and over 30% for damaged caused by liquid spills. Now, the question is, “Do you want to be a part of this statistics?” You sure don’t want that, right? So if you are thinking about getting a notebook really soon, might as well consider this latest product from GammaTech – the S15c Rugged Notebook.

Drop resistant, shock resistant, and spill resistant – these are the three top reasons why you should get a tough notebook like the S15c. Unlike other netbooks in the market, the S15c features a magnesium alloy case, which is 20 times stronger than ABS plastic, providing more protection since it has higher survival rate after bumps and drops. If you are always on the go, this feature will sure be an advantage. Now, if you combine this with the SC15c’s anti-shock mounting design, all the more you’re confident that your LCD screen and hard disk drive are well-protected from damage and data loss. How about spills? The SC15c has passed the spill resistant test by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization of IP31. So again, no worries, whether you accidentally spill your coffee on it or your little kid does with his milk.

So why not take advantage of these tough features offered only by the tough notebook itself – the S15C Rugged Notebook? Or you want to look at other options first? Okay, here take a look at these GammaTech Durabook products at Amazon.

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