Gadmei P83 3D Adds New Dimension to Mobile Entertainment

When the gaming industry giant Nintendo hinted that they would be launching their own revolutionary glasses-free 3D portable game console, they caught a lot of people surprise. When Brando suddenly released a glasses-free 3D portable media player (and at a very reasonable price standpoint), they set whole new reaction altogether. They shook and shocked many techies and consumers that are accustomed to finding the latest development in electronics led by world renowned manufacturers. Does this promising underdog have the firepower to deliver satisfying 3D contents and go toe to toe with the other known portable media players out there? Read on.

The new Gadmei P83 3D PMP comes in tablet form factor and primarily features an 8-inch 1280×768 resolution screen that can display 3D contents without the need for the usual 3D glasses. It’s not totally tied to just 3D either, its 3D effect can be turned on and off with a simple touch of a button for a much simpler 2D viewing. This 3D-enabled PMP also supports full 1080p of video output and supports flash drives, mobile hard drives, and SD cards as secondary storage.

Gadmei P83 portable 3D player measures just about 220 x 138.5 x 17.8 mm and weighs around 516 g. It comes with 4GB of internal storage and an internal SD card slot for storage. It also supports popular photos, images, and e-books formats so file compatibility should not be an issue. No specific operating system was officially revealed yet but the manufacturer did mention that the device will be compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The new Gadmei P83 is available at an introductory price of $179.

Purchase Gadmei P83 glasses free 3D here!

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