G-Pen F610 Lets You Write, Draw, Sketch and Sign Emails with Utmost Convenience

Computers and laptops have brought a lot of conveniences to people’s lives. Just imagine how slow communication would be without these devices? Same is true when it comes to reports preparation and organizing files and documents. But if there is one thing that these cool gadgets limit us is that it puts our handwriting aside. We cannot even sign the documents with our very own handwritten signature. And worse, we cannot draw and sketch with convenience because the computer mouse limits us to do so. Enter the G-Pen F610!

The G-Pen F610 boasts two very important features: a 6″ x 10″ ultra slim tablet for pen writing and one cordless pen for PC Windows and MACs. These two make it possible for anyone to write, draw, sketch, and sign emails with utmost convenience. Gone are the days when you limit yourself to pen and paper just to perform these tasks. Now, simply plug and play this device so you can start writing like the way you used to with a pen to your email, MSN, documents, and other application programs. Also, if you want to sketch or draw something, you can better control all kinds of shapes and thickness using this device than your mouse. Try it and you will see that the cursor moves precisely where you position the pen. The battery life of the pen is expected to last for a year, so you need not worry about replacing it from time to time.

Buy the Genius G-Pen F610 here.

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Genius G-Pen F610 Ultra-Slim Tablet
Genius G-Pen F610 Ultra-Slim T...
Genius G-Pen F610 Pen Tablet
Genius G-Pen F610 Pen Tablet

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