FroliCat TWITCH Lets Your Cat Play While You’re Away

Do you have a pet cat around? If you do, then for sure you both find so much pleasure playing together during your free time. But how about if you’re too busy to attend to its playtime needs like for example when you still have to clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, or water the plants? Who would play with it then? Good if you have kids around the house, but if not, then you better get this FroliCat TWITCH so it can play while you are away.

The FroliCat TWITCH features a bouncing teaser toy that includes a ball, feather, and bell, enticing your cat to bat and swing. Simply set it to Single Play Mode and a one-time 10-minute session will automatically begin. An electronic beep will then signal your cat that a play session is about to start. Now, if you think the 10-minute play is not enough to keep your cat busy, you can always set it to Play While You Are Away™ Mode that pre-schedules multiple play sessions. That way, you can finish all the chores that you have to accomplish throughout the day, without you feeling guilty that your little kitty has no one to play with.

So, who said your cat can’t play while you’re away? Because whoever it was didn’t know that with the FroliCat TWITCH, your cat will be so engaged in fun, interactive play that it will even hardly notice that you’re away.

Get the FroliCat TWITCH here!

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