Forerunner 910XT – The Iron-watch for the Ironman

Triathlon athletes are one of the most conditioned athletes in the world and they deserve no less than the new Garmin Forerunner 910XT with Premium Heart Rate Monitor as their training partner. Why? Because no other all-in-one multi-sport watch can provide GPS information, in depth swim metrics, distance traveled, pace, elevation, and heart rate as they swim, pedal, and run their way to victory.

The Forerunner 910XT boasts a design that works well with water sports. Aside from being water resistant up to 50 meters, this sports watch captures, calculates and displays a wide range of swimming metrics including distance swam, stroke type, stroke count, pool lengths, and “swolf” score. Its GPS function works well with open water swimming as it captures the direction and course of your travel which the athlete can later view on Garmin’s free online community.

When used on land, the Forerunner 910XT shares the same features with the other Garmin advanced sport watches. The 910XT even comes with barometric altimeter that helps get accurate measurement of different elevation data. Other features include customizable date fields for each sport, vibration alerts, and a long lasting 20-hour battery life.

Garmin knows that in every Triathlon, time is the most precious commodity that’s why they designed the 910XT to change into different sports mode with a single press of button for faster and smoother transition between each phases of the race. They even provided an optional quick release mount that allows the watch to be easily transferred from the wrist to the bike handle bars. Other optional accessories include ANT plus sensors and power meters.

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