Flash Stash Keyring Torch – Light and Cash Combined

Have you ever experienced going out of your home or apartment without ever noticing that you don’t have your wallet with you? If yes, then how did you find out that you don’t have it? Perhaps, when you were about to pay your coffee at the nearby coffee shop or the meals you got for your breakfast. That was kind of frustrating, right? Good if you were with someone you knew that time, but if not I could just imagine the cold sweats running down your forehead, figuring out what to do. If only you have this Flash Stash Keyring Torch with you, you could have avoided such embarrassment.

This nifty gadget is a cash stash keychain that can hold one note wrapped around the CashClip. So whether you want to put your car keys or home keys here, you sure won’t go anywhere without any dollar bill without you. Just make sure you don’t lose those set of keys either because you won’t end up with anything as well.

Small as this may seem, measuring only 7.5cm x 2cm, this sure does provide so much convenience especially when you lost that wallet or run out of bill on your wallet. But that doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s more than just a keyring and a secret stash of emergency cash. It’s also designed as a lighting gadget, with 0.5W LED white light that turns on and off by simply twisting it. So if you go home late at night or simply want to get something in the dark, you won’t have to grab a separate flashlight.

So there you have it, light and cash combined. Get yourself this Flash Stash Keyring Torch by pre-ordering today.

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