Eye Clock – Less the Hands this Time

Wristwatches, wall clocks, and desktop alarm clocks may differ in sizes but they all have one thing in common – they use hands to tell the time. As always, the shorter hand tells the hour while the longer one tells the minutes. These clocks are quite common, and you can practically see them everywhere. So, if you want something that is totally different from the rest, then you need to find a clock that tells the time but less the hands this time. Hmmm…You might ask, “Is there such a clock that tells the time without using hands?” The answer is a big YES – instead of hands, eyes are used to tell the time. Introducing the uniquely-designed Eye Clock!

You’d certainly get a pretty creepy feeling out of this wacky Eye Clock – imagine having a pair of eyes that seems to watch every move you make, all the time. But that is, if you’re always alone in there. Because if not, instead of feeling creepy, you’ll be hearing pretty good laughs from your friends and loved ones once they see this totally hilarious clock. So, how does this pair of eyes tell the time? Okay, if you want to know the hour, you just have to look at the left eye. Its direction will point towards the current hour. As for the minutes, you need to look at the right eye. So cool, right? And wait until you see how both eyes look when the clock says its 9:15 or 3:15, they look kind of crazy and funny at the same time.

Want to see how funny this geek clock is? Order the Eye Clock here now!

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