Experience Superior Sound, Maximum Comfort, and Stability with Philips Headband Headphones

When on the go, nothing beats the superior sound that the Philips Headband Headphones provides. Designed with 40mm studio-grade speakers that are made only from composite mylar material, you can expect nothing but detailed sound, less the audible distortion. So even if you are on a crowded and noisy street, you can still enjoy the music that’s being played on your device. Not only that, this gadget is also featured with neodymium magnet to enhance bass performance and sensitivity. Philips knows that neodymium is the best material to use if they want to produce a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil. And so, with this material on their product, they are able to achieve better bass response and higher overall sound quality that consumers expect from a Philips product.

But the Philips Headband Headphones is not just all about superior sound, it’s about maximum comfort and stability too. This slim, lightweight stainless steel headband is made to be so light that you’d hardly feel you are even wearing one. This is just perfect for those who are always on the go. And since it features a FloatingCushion design that allows auto-adjustment of earshells combined with super-soft ear cushions, you will never complain about any pain in your ears even if you use it for hours. You can even put it anywhere you want, too. The 1.2m long cable provides you the freedom to do so, while the 24k gold-plated plug ensures that you have reliable connection even if you position it anywhere.

So experience superior sound, maximum comfort, and stability only with Philips Headband Headphones. If you want to see more of Philips products, check out these Philips headphones at Amazon.

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