EvoMouse – The Future of Mouse Navigation

The evolution of the mouse. No, not the lab rat and definitely not the disease carrying rodent. The first mouse specifically made for personal computer navigation started with Xerox. From there, it managed to evolve into different types ranging from simple track ball mechanical model, a more modern laser mouse, and into the more advanced gyroscopic mouse. But one thing remained the same throughout the evolution of mouse, it’s still limited to a physical handheld device with one or more buttons and add-ons – well, not until the introduction of Celluon evoMouse.

The evoMouse does not require on holding a physical mouse making it very different from the accustomed computer mouse. It makes your finger the pointer as it naturally tracks your natural and effortless movements. Just like the usual mouse functionalities, you can control the cursor, click and select, double-click, right-click and drag but through your basic hand gestures. You can do common mouse operations by using only your fingers. Not only that, the evoMouse allows you to perform multi-touch functionalities like rotate, scroll, zoom, forward, backward and can be used for handwriting recognition using your finger or a pen. Since the evoMouse does not require on pushing a physical mouse, it lessens the chance of experiencing repetitive stress injuries.

Setting up the evoMouse is also made easy. It is compatible with almost any desktop or laptop and connects using Bluetooth or standard USB port. It also works on any flat surface and occupies little space thus very convenient to set up and use.

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