Enjoy Music on the Move Yet Stay Warm with Midland SubZero Headphones

Okay, so you got an iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry there, but do you get to enjoy using them to listen to your favorite music when it’s freezing cold outdoors? I’m sure you don’t because instead of using earphones or headset to pipe some loud music down your lugholes, you use earmuffs to keep you warm. True, wearing earmuffs allows you to stay warm when walking on a cold morning. But why settle on that if you can have a cool gadget that acts as a headphone and earmuffs at the same time? Yes, it’s called Midland Subzero Headphones!

Designed with a soft cotton-fur with flush earphones built inside the lining, the Midland Subzero Headphones are so effective at keeping you warm while enjoying your favorite music on the move using your iPhone, iPod, or Blackberry. So whether you’re walking on your way to the office or simply walking in your neighborhood to enjoy the cool breeze, you don’t get your ears frozen cold while tuning in to your favorite beat. The Subzero Headphones use a remote on cable which is compatible with iPhone so you can pause or play and skip song. And in case somebody calls you up, no need to remove them from your gadget because there’s a microphone on cable that allows you to take calls conveniently.

Want to get one? You can choose from the four styles available: black, white, camo, and luxe black leather. Whatever you choose, you will sure love their design because they are all soft and fluffy on the inside but slim enough to be worn with your ski goggles, beanies, and even dunce caps.

Get your Midland Subzero Headphones here now!

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