Enjoy Better Sleeps with Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 Alarm, Radio, and Light

Nothing beats a morning greeted with a breeze of fresh air and the gentle warmth of the sun – those sure beat the rude awakening of an alarm clock! Unfortunately, fresh air and gentle sunlight are quite rare these days especially if you’re living in cities or if you are employed in a graveyard shift. Don’t lose sleep over great mornings, the new Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 is here to wake you up naturally using a simulated sunrise that steadily brightens over 15, 20, 45, 60, or 90 minutes depending upon your preference. The sunlight-like illumination is to send signals to your body to reduce the production of melatonin – a sleep hormone, and increase the production of cortisols – the stuff that helps get your body alive, awake, and enthusiastic. This dawn simulator is known to assist in improving the mood and energy for the day. Before going to bed, there is also the 15, 20, 45, 60, or 90-minute sunset to help you relax and eventually go to sleep. The Bodyclock Active alarm clock is also a radio with digital tuning and other audio features that can help you have a brighter day or a more relaxing night.

If you have problems waking up on time or the sunlight effect does not get you up and awake, there’s still the dawn chorus and rooster alarm. This is also same at night, white noises and wave sounds are available to cradle you to sleep.

Aside from simulating sunrise, this alarm clock also makes a nice bedside lamp with a nightlight and security feature that turns the light on when nobody is around.

Purchase the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 here!

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