Enjoy a Relaxing Massage with the HealthoMeter Egg Massager

Work can sometimes take the toll on you, and so make sure to find ways to relieve you from stress. Can’t go on a vacation any time soon? Then, why not go to the nearest spa salon or resto bar or to the movies to keep your mind off work even for a while. But if you simply want to stay home to relax, then consider lighting some scented candles while you get a hot bath or play your much-awaited movie and grab some popcorn and drinks. Still not interested with any of these suggestions? Okay, then why not enjoy a relaxing massage then? Here, take a look at this HealthoMeter Egg Massager.

At first glance, you might mistaken this health gadget into a home decor. But once you touch it and see how it works, you’ll definitely love what it can do for you, especially if you had a really rough day at work. It features a gentle touch massage head so you can use it for soft targeted massage. But if you want continuous massage, you can also have that simply by pressing the on/off button once. This product actually offers multiple massage intensities and variable massage speeds from low to high. So, if you feel like you only want to have a light massage, then choose the low speed. But if you want more intensed massage, then set the speed to high. This is also water resistant so even while in the shower you can use it to enjoy a relaxing massage.

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