EMBRACE Stereo Headphones for True-To-Life Sound

Isn’t it great to hear music the way it was meant to be heard? The BlueAnt EMBRACE stereo headphones guarantee that. Not only they are smart and inventive, they are also designed to provide users with true-to-life sound. With their highly optimized drivers, EMBRACE are able to deliver flat frequency response, which improves your mobile entertainment experience. How? By producing absolutely best sound that is not artificially manipulated. With this, the said headphones are able to provide you with a listening experience that is authentic and allows you to adjust EQ settings to suit your personal preferences.

To greatly enhance your mobile entertainment experience, the EMBRACE headphones are outfitted with sealed-leather pads that keep noise out and make sure you hear all the audio detail and range faithfully reproduced. This device boasts 40mm custom tuned high performance drivers so it’s capable of delivering the fullest range of sound that will definitely boost your mobile entertainment communication experience. Since they are precision designed, these stereo headphones ensure best and comfortable fit with matching ear pads that embrace your ears to get rid of unwanted background noise, helping you focus on the sound you want to hear.

The BlueAnt EMBRACE stereo headphones are a perfect companion for your iPad or tablet. They look as sophisticated as these gadgets because these headphones come with luxury finish in metal and supple leather. They come with carry case plus 1 year warranty. Click here and check out availability of the BlueAnt EMBRACE stereo headphones along with other related products like Blueant Bluetooth now!

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