Elgato Tivizen – Your Ticket to Mobile Free TV

If you can’t get enough of free TV, then why not step it up a notch – turn your mobile devices like laptop, iPad, and Mac into a mobile boob tube using the new Elgato Tivizen Mobile TV Tuner. This little gloss black device comes with a slide out flexible aerial antenna that picks up DVB-T signals. After processing those signals, it transmits them smoothly into iPad and other computers using the local Wi-Fi network – no more paid online video streaming. The Tivizen is small enough to fit into a pocket, light enough and its 3.5-hour Lithium-ion battery can be recharged using the included USB cable adding flexibility and convenience to your mobile experience.

The Elgato Tivizen Mobile Tuner is more than your average TV tuner, it comes with TIvizen App that can help keep track of what’s on air and what’s coming up, and also record your favorite TV programs for later. This TV tuner can capture all data from DVB-T signal; furthermore it allows you to pause and rewind a show while viewing – a great feature if you happen to miss a moment or a dialogue. Tivizen is currently limited to areas broadcasting digital terrestrial television format.

Elgato Tivizen technical specs:

• Decoder: High-performance ARM 9 RISC-Processor
• Frequency range: 177.5 – 226.5MHz (VHF); 474 – 858MHz (UHF)
• Supported digital TV standards: DVB-T
• COFDM Demodulator: Supported modulations 16, 64 QAM, QPSK; Bandwidths 6, 7, 8 MHz

Experience your own free mobile TV here.

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