ElectroHub – Promising a More Exciting Wireless Charging for All

Charging up your favorite cool gadgets has been made easier with the introduction of charging mats. These require no wires, so really they are a lot more convenient to use than any other types of chargers. With these mats, all you need to have are special cases in order to start charging. But what if we eliminate these cases and change them with batteries instead? Even more convenient, right? So here comes ElectroHub – promising a more exciting wireless charging for all!

The ElectroHub, which made its debut at CES 2011, is a wireless charging station that can be used for all electronic devices, without requiring them to be compliant (meaning they need to use a special case when charging). It works practically just like the Powermat, only that instead of using a special case, it provides ElectroHub batteries that come in AA and AAA sizes.

So how does the ElectroHub work? First, you need to interchange the existing batteries of your device with the ElectroHub batteries. Then, place it on the Hub’s square pads to start charging. That simple! Yes, no need to buy for a special case, so that gives an additional savings for you.

And here’s another: the ElectroHub is made even more portable, weighing only 11 ounces and measuring 9.2in X 6.1in X 0.8 inch. Plus, it can charge up to six devices at one time. So if you are always on the go and carry multiple gadgets with you, this is just the perfect charging device for you.

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