ECCO GPS Keychain Helps You Find your Way Fast and Easy

Have you experienced forgetting where you left or parked your car? Or how about searching for your hotel for hours simply because you couldn’t remember its exact location? If you haven’t been in these scenarios before, lucky you! Because if you ask those who’d been there, they’d probably tell you to be really good at memorizing locations because their experiences were more than frustrating. But what if you’re not really good at remembering places? Then here’s the solution to help you find your way fast and easy – the ECCO GPS Keychain!

Small as it may seem, the ECCO GPS Keychain allows you to find the exact location where you parked your car, of the hotel where you are staying, or any direction where you have been and wanting to go back to such as the mall, beauty salon, or cafe. All you need to do is to “lock” in to the device your starting location and you’re good to go. You can even save up to three locations like your parking area, your hotel, and the street heading to the mall. To find your way back to these place, simply follow the on-screen arrow. No need to fret because it even provides you the estimated distance to said locations, so you know if you’re near or not. And since it features a tracking range of up to 9,999 miles, you sure won’t lose your way back to these places.

Really it’s cool to have a GPS tracking system as small as the ECCO GPS Keychain. Why don’t you try it for yourself? Purchase the ECCO GPS Keychain here!

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