Dyson AM04 Fan Heater – Heats the Whole Room Faster than Any Other

Colder days are here again! Are your winter clothes ready? How about your home? Did you check your heater if it’s still in tip-top condition? Oh, you should never miss that part of your home, or else you’ll be chillin’ all day and night! If after checking you’ve noticed that it’s no longer effective at heating any of your rooms, then it’s high time you get a replacement. But don’t just get any replacement there – make sure to get something that heats the whole room faster than any other, something like the Dyson AM04 Fan Heater!

Made with precise temperature control, this product is tested to project heat further, so you can expect this to heat an entire room faster than any other heater. And what sets this apart from other heaters is that it has no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements, so come cleaning time, you need not have to go through so much hassle. Also, it features an automatic cut out, which basically switches off the heating plates in case someone accidentally tipped it over. And since it also boasts powerful cooling, you can still take advantage of it even when the colder days are done.

Here’s the complete features of this product:

    * Long-range heat projection
    * Feel direct heat throughout the room
    * Adjustable temperature
    * Intelligent thermostat keeps it there
    * Maintains temperature below dust burning point so there’s no worrying burning smell
    * Remote control
    * Oscillation
    * Touch tilt
    * Tip-over automatic cut out
    * No visible heating elements
    * 5-9/10’L cable
    * Voltage: 120v

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