DXG-018O – Capture and Share Pictures with this 3D Camera and 3D Viewer

A lot of gadget lovers are into DSLRs nowadays. Well, who wouldn’t? This type of camera offers a lot of features and provides clearer and crisper images. But full-packed as they may seem, there’s one that DSLRs hadn’t invaded yet and that is the 3D world. So, what camera has first invaded this then? It’s none other than the DXG-018O!

Designed with a 3D viewer, this camera allows you to capture and share pictures in 3D. Yes, 3D is no longer confined to movies, Blu-ray player, monitors, sunglasses and TV! So if you are one gadget geek that is so into anything 3D, then here’s a latest addition to your collection.

So, how do you enjoy this 3D feature of the DXG018O? Well, you only need to do three steps to achieve this. One, shoot it. Two, print it. And three, view it.

To shoot photo, this camera is equipped with dual-lens so you can enjoy full-color side-by-side still pictures less the blur. It also includes a 1.44″ LCD screen, allowing you to frame your subject for a more exciting effects.

Now, after shooting that photo, you have to print it using any printer. Make use of a standard 4×6 photo paper when doing this.

And once printed, all you need to do is to insert the photo inside the 3D viewer, and that’s it – you get to enjoy your precious moments in 3D! But why not share the fun? Send the 3D viewer with the photo inside to your friends and loved ones since the camera comes with 3 viewers.

Perfect not just for personal use but also as a gadget gift. Buy the DXG-018O here!

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