Drive and Talk Safely with VBC-001-BLK – SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit

Mobile phones and road safety don’t go along well in a car and can be quite dangerous. Using a handled mobile phone while driving can be your one way ticket to a – well, traffic violation ticket. It can also introduce you to some legal terms that you wouldn’t want on your rap sheet like bodily injury liability, common negligence, damages, hit and run, and misdemeanor. It doesn’t mean though that you can’t talk and drive though, with practical hands free Bluetooth handsets like the new sun visor-mounted SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit, you can safely talk over the phone while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Aside from the obvious safety benefits of a handsfree kit, the Veho SAEM Bluetooth handsfree car kit offers more. It features a one of a kind Automated Motion Sensor (AMS) technology that can extend the battery’s life up to two years in sleep mode. AMS works by sensing human movement or presence in a car, it can automatically power down when it detects that the car is empty. This energy saving feature extends the battery life up to 32 hours talk time, 66 days standby, and 2 years in sleep mode. Furthermore, the SAEM can be paired with up to 8 devices with 2 devices working on the same time. Its proximity pairing feature can automatically connect Bluetooth-enabled devices when they enter the 10 meter radius coverage of the Veho SAEM. Another great feature of the Bluetooth handsfree kit is its automatic volume control that ensures crystal clear calls and reduces unwanted ambient noises like wind and echo.

Get the SAEM Bluetooth Car Kit here.

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