Dream, Believe, Survive – The American Red Cross Axis from Eton

We are all just people living in this world not knowing when things may happen to us, bad or good. We might not always be prepared and know exactly what we need to do. However, we can still make ample time to stay prepared and ready for any situations that may come in the future. Only God knows when and what will happen to us.

One great thing to help us in disasters or calamities is a simple tool, a first aid kit. This might be the most important thing you would want by your side during harsh situations. Yet, not all first aid kits are fitted with the complete tools for survival. You might also want to have the American Red Cross Axis from Eton. This device is one good chance in making you survive any condition for its solid body built. Equipped with a flashlight, a cell phone charger, and the best of all a radio, this Eton Axis improves your chances of survival.

The American Red Cross Axis from Eton features:

  • Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Cellphone charger
  • Built-in battery or external battery operation
  • LED lights

The Eton Axis may be not compact enough for hand carry or placed inside your backpack, but it is small enough to fit any cabinet in your own home and eventually the trunk of your car. This device is surely is great when used in emergency situations. Rather expensive at a price of $70, but what is money compared to the value of a person’s life?  There is no reason why we would buy something that might help us in the long run, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Check out for more information and  availability of the Eton Axis here.


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