Dolby 3D Glasses – More Robust, More Stylish, More Comfortable

It will be kind of like a very good new to those who love 3D movies. Your much-awaited next-generation Dolby 3D glasses is here! This is designed with Dolby’s 3D technical know-how plus the expertise of a well-known eyewear design company, and 3M’s revolutionary multilayer optical film lenses. Dolby has teamed up with 3M to come up with a multilayer optical film lens that significantly reduces the weight of the glasses, thereby increasing comfort without affecting its outstanding optical performance.

These glasses come with a more robust mechanical design which is made up of new nylon frame with wide side temples and a shelf along the frame’s top edge. This innovative industrial design makes the movie and even the wearer look remarkable. The new frames will sure fit comfortably over 98% of prescription glasses and they are well-suited to youth and adults. Your kids just need to wait for a little more time because Dolby also has plans to produce children-sized glass for release on the next quarter. That means, the whole family can have fun watching 3D movies in theaters!

Not only that! Besides the antitheft tag placed on previous generations of Dolby 3D glasses, these new glasses are also outfitted with individually serialized RFID tags. For owners of movie houses, these tags are helpful enough on inventory tracking and management. Dolby 3D glasses are also environment-friendly passive glasses that did not necessitate charging or batteries. Check out Amazon to find out the price and availability of this Dolby 3D Cinema Glasses


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