Discovery Robot In My Room – Where Kids Find Saving Like a Fun Play

So how do you train your kids to save money? Do you still use the traditional way of story-telling like the fable of the ant and the grasshopper? Although that can very well do the trick, some kids however, don’t just buy it. So if your kids are among them, then you better find something that will make saving a lot more fun for them. Hmmm, how about a piggy bank? Oh come on, that’s also very traditional! Why not something that works similarly like a piggy bank but does more fun things? Aha, then the Discovery Robot In My Room might just be the solution!

Measuring 8.25L X 5.5H X 7.5W inches, this Discovery Robot is the best geek toy that you can give your kid to make saving as fun as possible. He will surely enjoy having a smart-aleck talking robot that is not just perfect for playing but for saving too. Each time he deposits a coin, the robot sounds off. Yes, it’s programmed with 50 humorous responses, phrases, and sound effects so he will sure have fun with it and will be encouraged to save more at the same time. Now, to see how much is already inside it, he just have to look at the LCD screen because it displays the total.

This talking robot that acts as a locking bank at the same time really makes a convenient gadget gift for kids. Not only that, it’s an alarm clock too. So what else would your kid need?

Order the Discovery Robot In My Room here.

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