Discover the Next-generation Fuel Cell Technology with Bio-Energy Kit

Kids are naturally curious and giving them a sense of encouragement from parents is essential. One interesting device that you can give to your inquisitive children is the Bio-Energy Kit. This educational device teaches the function of fuel cell technology and at the same time informs your kids to help save energy and environment.

Unlike the usual components used in fuel cells like hydrogen or methanol, the Bio-Energy Kit utilizes ethanol (not included in the package) as a fuel source. By making an ethanol solution with 90% water and 10% ethanol in the ethanol mixing container, a wine-like solution will be produced. Through the small chamber in the fuel cell and other circuits, electricity is created. Additionally, the Bio-Energy Kit directly converts the ethanol to electricity without a sound and with no harmful combustion. The device can even run for days thus making your kids further observe, discover, and learn more on the advantages of the next-generation fuel cell technology. The Bio-Energy Kit is recommended for 12 years old and above and needs supervision from adult while setting up.

The kit comes with a Renewable Energy Educational Curriculum CD that incorporates different learning materials like renewable energy education manual, experiment manual, flash animations, new science kit assembly guides, and technical support section. Other included parts of the Bio-Energy Kit are ethanol storage tank, tube, purge valve, housing, electric motor and propeller, direct ethanol PEM fuel cell module, connection cables, ethanol mixing container, pH strips, and storage tank cover.

Discover the next-generation fuel cell technology with Bio-Energy Kit, get one now here!

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