Digi-Piggy – More Than Just A Piggy Bank

Do you remember the Discovery Robot in a Room that I mentioned here a couple of days back? It’s really a fun and exciting way for your kids to save. However, if your daughter seems not too interested in robots, then consider getting Digi-Piggy instead.

Digi-Piggy may look like the usual piggy banks that you used to buy for your kids. But wait until they see the big difference – Digi-Piggy can actually count their savings for them. Yes, it’s actually like the Discovery Robot, only that it goes digital because of its innovative electronic LCD digital readout on its snout that allows your little ones to track how much they have already saved. Whenever they drop coins to Digi-Piggy, the LCD will display the value by blinking three times and then voila – the total amount is there in a flash! No need to crack open this piggy bank just to know how much it already has. So your kids will sure have a fun time saving with this one.

Now, if it’s time to withdraw, simply instruct your kids to turn Digi-Piggy’s twist-off head. And then push the black reset button which is near the battery compartment, and the Digi-Piggy will start saving again. By the way, to get this unique piggy bank working, you only need 2 AA-batteries.

So make saving a lot more fun for your little ones. Don’t just stick to the usual piggy bank. Be smart and choose one that works more than just a piggy bank – the Digi-Piggy! Get one now!

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